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In Chapter 3 of the "Path of the Just" by Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzatto zt'l:
"Behold, for he who wants to watch over himself, two are the things he needs to look into... If he finds in them of the evil sort, he should then contemplate and investigate, reasoning out a strategy to use in order to turn away from that evil and cleanse himself of it... I see a need for a man to be meticulous and weigh his ways each and every day like the great merchants who continuously evaluate all of their business matters in order that they not spoil. He should fix definite times and hours for this so that his weighing not be intermittent but rather with the greatest regularity for it yields great results."
This site allows one to track his "strategies" and resolutions thereby making one more organized and regular. I recommend using a small paper notebook for quick progress and then checking in here at the end of the day.
  • Specify Daily Resolutions to Track. Can filter by day of the week.
  • Track by either integer, float, time, yes/no, or user-defined values
  • Daily Check In.
  • Optional Fine System for Enforcement
  • Graph of Results/Export Data
  • Daily Email of Resolutions
  • Screenshots
Please report any bugs/issues/suggestions using the contact link below. Enjoy!



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